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About us

DevPlant represents a group of people with extensive working and teaching experience.
We recognise the need to share and grow technical knowledge and designed focused workshops targeted towards the needs of experienced developers.
We value our customers time, our public workshops taking place during the weekends and in the afternoon.
Classes have no more than 10 participants, making sure everyone has enough attention to gain as much knowledge as possible.

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Upcoming Workshops

Swift for iOS Development

Learn the essentials of the Swift language by developing an iOS app.
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Our Team

Anna Boros Trainer


Anna is a software engineer with 10+ years of work experience in small and large-scale projects. The past years her focus moved to sharing knowledge and enabling fellow developers reach their potential.

As an active member of the Timisoara developer community, Anna is an organiser of local tech events on behalf of Banat IT.

Timo Bejan Trainer

Timo is a Full-Stack Developer & Architect with a focus on BigData. With extensive working experience across a multiple domains, he likes participating at hackathons and community events, teach others, and generally have fun building software.

He loves working with cutting edge technologies and decided to start a freelancing career. During this time he’s been building end-to-end software solutions for customers across Europe.

Vlad Rusu Trainer

Vlad is a Senior iOS Software Engineer. Working mostly in large outsourcing companies, he had the chance of building apps for Fortune 500 corporations, as well as small start-ups. Most of all he enjoys working on creative user interfaces that run smoothly across devices.

In his free time, he usually tinkers with electronics or develops games that can’t be beaten.

Adrian Meresescu Trainer

Adrian Meresescu

Adi is a full-stack developer & application architect with a focus on cutting edge web technologies. He has extensive experience covering multiple technologies and enjoys the process of building software from A to Z. As an active member of the IT community, he is involved in community events (conferences, hackathons, meetups).

After years of working for different companies, he decided to pursue a career as a freelancer and trainer, in order to help build awesome projects with awesome people.

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