AngularJS 1.x Workshop

Step in the world of modern Javascript frameworks.

AngularJS by DevPlant

A 2-day workshop for corporate and individual developers

Topics we cover

  1. Why AngularJS, what kind of projects it’s suited for and how it compares to other frameworks.
  2. AngularJS basics: 2-way data-binding, controllers and modules.
    Dependency injection, services and factories.
  3. How to properly configure your project, right from the start. Build & dependency management with yeoman, bower and grunt.
  4. Integrating and customizing directives & getting the most out of off-the-shelf components. Writing a new directive.
  5. Styling your Application – Google Material Design & Angular Integration.
  6. Consuming APIs, connection to a REST endpoint and displaying data.
  7. Routing in AngularJS: routing the standard way, routing the better way.
  8. Securing an application: role based access in AngularJS.
  9. Angular Style Guide and why it’s important. How to keep your application small and avoid common pitfalls.

200 €

4-5 Nov 2017

Live 2-day workshop in Timișoara

The AngularJS workshop is targeted towards experienced developers, with knowledge of basic web technologies.

– Good understanding of HTML and CSS
– Basic JavaScript knowledge
– Work experience of at least 2 years in software development is recommended

Although software developers are capable of learning new technologies on their own and master them as they go, an in-class workshop has many advantages:

Dedicated time for learning a new technology makes the learning process more effective.
– The workshop takes place on one weekend. It does not interfere with normal working schedules, nor does it require a long-term commitment from participants.
– An experienced trainer will highlight the most important issues and answer questions.
– The focus is on creating a real-world application with the technology to be learned, so participants understand the process and can further master the technology on their own.

All our classes are held by trainers with a proven track record of succesfully delivered projects.
Our AngularJS trainer is Cassi Lup. Read more about him here.

We recommend you bring your own laptop, so you can work in a familiar environment that you take with you. If you don’t have a laptop or don’t want to bring one with you, please mention this in the signup form and we will provide one for you.

The only software you need to pre-install is a text editor, preferably with syntax highlighting. Everything else will be handled during the workshop.

There will be plenty of pen and paper, for traditional note-taking.

Coffee, water and snacks will be provided.

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