Diving Deep into Spring

Mastering the Enterprise.

Diving Deep into Spring by DevPlant

A 3-day workshop for experienced enterprise developers

Topics we cover

  1. Advanced topics on the application context, beans & structure of an enterprise application with spring.
  2. Microservices.
  3. The right way to do REST API.
  4. Spring Data – Persistence & REST
    1. Modeling data with Spring
    2. Serving data via REST, structuring the API
    3. Caching data
  5. Async Processing, Task Scheduling, Batch processing.
  6. Aspect Oriented Programming with Spring. Interceptors.
  7. Spring Security
    1. Role Based Access, ACL
    2. Single Sign On
    3. Spring Social
  8. Spring Cloud
    1. Cloud Configuration
    2. Microservice architecture with Spring
  9. Spring Session: Scaling out your application.

375 €

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This training is meant for developers who have already worked with Spring, or have a very good understating of enterprise applications.

– Proficiency in Java
– Work experience with Spring or other enterprise frameworks
– Work experience of 5 years in software development is recommended

Although software developers are capable of learning new technologies on their own and master them as they go, an in-class workshop has many advantages:

Dedicated time for learning a new technology makes the learning process more effective.
– The workshop takes place on one extended weekend, Fri + Sat + Sun. It has minimal interference with normal working schedules, and does not require a long-term commitment from participants.
– An experienced trainer will highlight the most important issues and answer questions.
– The focus is on creating a real-world application with the technology to be learned, so participants understand the process and can further master the technology on their own.

All our classes are held by trainers with a proven track record of succesfully delivered projects.
Our Spring trainer is Timo Bejan. Read more about him here.

The workshops is 3 days long and takes place on one extended weekend: Friday, Saturday and Sunday

The class starts at 10:00 and ends at 17:00, with an appropriate lunch break.

We recommend you bring your own laptop, so you can work in a familiar environment that you take with you. If you don’t have a laptop or don’t want to bring one with you, please mention this in the signup form and we will provide one for you.

We expect you to have an up to date version of Java installed on your machine.

There will be plenty of pen and paper, for traditional note-taking.

Coffee, water and snacks will be provided.

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