Introduction to Selenium

Introduction to automated testing with Selenium.

Introduction to Selenium by DevPlant

A workshop for testers and QA specialists.

Workshop milestones

  1. Introducing Selenium, history and components. How it works, supported languages, browsers and drivers.
  2. Installing Selenium. IDE integration. Setting up a server with multiple browsers/versions. Working with Docker.
  3. Writing our first tests. Setting up a minimal application with the Selenium IDE.
  4. API overview. Browsing Selenium documentation, using and explaining various features.
  5. Testing a modern web application. Writing multiple tests.
  6. Test automatisation. Continuous integration and test reports.
  7. Resources for further learning, documentation sources.

200 €

The workshop has not been scheduled yet.
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Introduction to Selenium is a workshop for experienced QA specialists who want to learn the basics of automated testing.

– Good understanding of testing principles.
– Good understanding of the web.
– Work experience of at least 1 year software testing is recommended.

Although tech specialists are capable of learning new technologies on their own and master them as they go, an in-class workshop has many advantages:

Dedicated time for learning a new technology makes the learning process more effective.
– The workshop scheduling does not interfere with normal working hours, nor does it require a long-term commitment from participants.
– An experienced trainer will highlight the most important issues and answer questions.
– The focus is on creating a real-world application with the technology to be learned, so participants understand the process and can further master the technology on their own.

All our classes are held by trainers with a proven track record of succesfully delivered projects.
Our Introduction to Selenium trainer is Radu Fericean. Read more about him here.

We recommend you bring your own laptop, so you can work in a familiar environment that you take with you. If you don’t have a laptop or don’t want to bring one with you, please mention this in the signup form and we will provide one for you.

There will be plenty of pen and paper, for traditional note-taking.

Coffee, water and snacks will be provided.

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